While a lot of recent research over the past few decades has started to show the many potential health benefits of marijuana consumption, there are many concerns about the healthiest way to smoke weed. First of all, even though smoking is the most common form of cannabis ingestion, the smoke itself is not healthy!

Yet many physicians have agreed that there seems to be no correlation between marijuana smoke and cancer, inhaling anything that contains the toxic byproducts of combustion (the process of burning) over the long-term can cause other lung problems such as emphysema or COPD. Still, you do have some other options. Let’s take a quick look at healthier ways to ingest cannabis without any damaging smoke inhalation.

What is the healthiest way to consume cannabis?

Luckily for us, there are a number of weed consumption methods that are harmless and don’t involve smoke at all. Some of the best ingestion options, that you can choose from, include:

 1. Edibles and beverages

Weed edibles and drinks are one of the safest options on the market. Cannabis has always shown to be very easy for the body to digest. Oral cannabis products completely bypass the lungs while also offering some of the most powerful, long-lasting effects!

 2. Sublingual tinctures

Sublingual marijuana supplements are products that are dropped on top of the sensitive mucous capillaries located underneath the tongue. Through these membranes, THC, CBD, and other beneficial cannabinoids can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream! Sublingual products cause effects that are felt very quickly (usually within 15 minutes).

3. Topical applications

Cannabis lotions, creams, and skin patches allow benefits to be absorbed directly through the skin. While this process takes upwards of 30 minutes to work, it causes nearly no negative side effects and can be used to treat specific areas of the body.

 4. Vaporizers

If you still want to inhale cannabis because the lungs offer the quickest onset of effects (usually within 5 minutes), there is a way to completely dodge smoke inhalation. Over the past decade, the art of weed vaporization has been perfected to the point that safe, handheld, easy-to-use vaporizers are now available at scale at very affordable prices. Vape pens offer quick, inconspicuous ingestion without burning anything at all. They instead heat up weed extracts into a vapor that is quite a bit healthier than cannabis smoke.

If I want to smoke anyway, what is the safest way to smoke marijuana?

 healthiest way to consume cannabis

If you prefer the quick, effective onset of effects that smoked cannabis provides, there are a few ways to help make smoke a bit healthier for you. The main problem with weed smoke is that there is burnt particulate plant matter in it that can that damage the lungs. But there are some effective ways to eliminate some of this potentially harmful material!

The main thing you will need is a type of filter that catches this particulate matter. Luckily, it is possible to add one to almost every popular weed-smoking device. For example, if you use a pipe, you can add a screen to the bowl that will catch a lot of the harmful particles. A water bong uses water as a type of filter where the heavier toxins dissipate out of the smoke and into the water. If your favorite way to smoke is with a joint or a tobacco-wrapped blunt, a mouthpiece that also works as a filter will eliminate much of the potentially damaging burnt material before it hits your lungs!

Now that you know the healthiest way to smoke marijuana, perhaps you are feeling more ready to further research the field of medical cannabis. If this is the case, feel free to contact Biofit. There is no need to delay contacting us for more information!