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Biofit is proud to offer a Weight Loss Service and a Medical Marijuana Service at affordable costs. We believe in providing patients a variety of treatments in an accessible and realistic manner. We are here to help you get realistic access to a healthy lifestyle change.

Feel free to give us a call at (786) 909-4155 or click here to book your Telehealth or on-site visit with our Doctor today.

Medical Weight Loss

Initial Consultation$160
Includes charting initial measurements, EKG, all supplements in one month supply, vitamin B12 MIC fat blast shot, and diet book.
(45 minutes)
Monthly Follow-up$150
Retake your measurements and lets chart your inches and pounds lost! Lets celebrate your success and refill your monthly supplements. Let us help guide you and get you closer to your goals. Free B12 MIC fat blast shot included in all follow-up visits.
(20-30 minutes)
Weekly Follow-up$40
One week worth of supplementation refill. Medical charting of progress. Vitamin B12 MIC fat blast shot included.
(15 minutes)
Vitamin B12 MIC Fat Blast Shot$20
Vitamin weight loss booster shot. Naturally occurring elements to help you energize and lose weight in a natural way. No consult needed for shot only.
(5 – 10 minutes)
Hcg Individual Shot$25
The popular Hcg hormone shot can be easily administered in 5 minutes. This naturally occurring hormone assists with weight loss and can be added to your vitamin B12 fat blast booster shot or can be administered separately.
(5 – 10 minutes)

Medical Marijuana

Initial Marijuana Evaluation   $120
COVID new prices. Cheapest Certification in the State. One on One with Doctor to certify you for your legal use of THC Marijuana Products. One on One required for State of Florida Medical Marijuana Card.
(20 minutes)
7 month Renewal visit  $80
Every 7 months the State of FL Department of Health requires all MMJ patients to have a recertification visit to report to their Doctor how the treatment is going. This recertification visit is required to renew the card online with the state prior to reissuing a new card.
(10-15 minutes)
Valid only until May 8th, 2020.
(25 minutes)

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