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Biofit is proud to offer Weight Loss, Vitamin Therapy, Sexual Health, and a Medical Marijuana Card Service amongst other Specialty Services & Treatments at affordable costs. We are here to help you get realistic access to a healthy lifestyle change.

Feel free to give us a call at (305) 705-4045 or click here to book your Telehealth or on-site visit with our Doctor today.

Weight Loss Treatment

Initial Consultation $159.98
Includes charting initial measurements, EKG, all supplements, vitamin B12 MIC fat blast shot, and diet book. 1 week supply
(45-60 minutes)
Weekly Follow-up $39.98
One week worth of supplementation refill. Medical charting of progress. Vitamin B12 MIC fat blast shot included.
(15 minutes)
Monthly Follow-up $159.98
Retake your measurements and lets chart your inches and pounds lost! Lets celebrate your success and refill your monthly supplements. Let us help guide you and get you closer to your goals. Free B12 MIC fat blast shot included in all follow-up visits.
(20-30 minutes)
Vitamin B12 MIC Fat Blast Shot $24.98
Vitamin weight loss booster shot. Naturally occurring elements to help you energize and lose weight in a natural way. No consult needed for shot only.
(5 – 10 minutes)
Hcg Individual Shot $24.98
The popular Hcg hormone shot can be easily administered in 5 minutes. This naturally occurring hormone assists with weight loss and can be added to your vitamin B12 fat blast booster shot or can be administered separately.
(5 – 10 minutes)

Medical Marijuana Service

Initial Marijuana Evaluation    $159.98
Most Competitively priced Certification in the State. One-on-One with Doctor to certify you for your legal use of THC Marijuana Products. One-on-One required for State of Florida Medical Marijuana Card.
(20 minutes)
7 Month Order Renewal visit   $99.98
Every 7 months the State of FL Department of Health requires all MMJ patients to have a recertification “refill” visit to report to their Doctor how the treatment is going. This recertification visit is required to renew your orders at your local dispensary or to place your orders for your products online.
(10-15 minutes)
Telehealth Order Renewal   $99.98
Under the Emergency Order Act, we are currently allowed to conduct your 7 month order “refills” over the phone (due to Covid). Give us a call to refill your orders from anywhere in the State of Florida. Not a current patient? It’s no problem. If you were originally seen by another Physician, switching over to us is easy. Just log into your profile page at using your username (e-mail) and enter your 10 digit (min) password. Go to My Profile > Manage Profile Details > Leave Physician > Save. Then give us a call at (305) 705-4045 and we will happily add you to our patient database and refill you quickly and conveniently over the phone. After your order is filled, feel free to visit your local dispensary of choice right away or place your orders with them online.
(5 minutes)

Special Treatments & Therapies

Initial Consultation    $299.98
Consultation for Specialty Services for

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Testosterone, Estrogen & Progesterone Treatments (female hormonal rejuvenating treatment with dryness)
  • Low Libido Treatment (increase sexual desire)
  • Increase of Muscle Mass Treatment
  • Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD & ADHD)
  • Anxiety (GAD), Major Depression (MD) & Insomnia Treatment
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Treatment
  • Treatment of Arthritis Joint Pain
  • Cessation of Smoking Treatment with 95% success rate (e.g., Chantix)

(60 minutes each)

Follow-up Consultation with Refill (if needed)   $149.98
Any follow up visit will be performed at a discounted rate and will refill the treatment, if needed.
(30 minutes)

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy

for 100% Absorption!

SkinniFuse | Wellfusion | RejuviFuse | PerformaFuse | Intifuse

Lose Weight | Feel great & Hydrate | Antiaging | Physical Performance Booster | Libido Enhancer











Vitamin Injections

B12 Fat Blast Shot | Vitamin C | Vitamin D (Separate Injections)

B12 Fat Blast Benefits: Why settle for B12 alone when you can receive the benefits of our Energizing Fat Blast vitamin cocktail including B12, B6, Methionine, Inositol & Choline (MIC). This combination offers a natural route to weight loss and energy boosters by offering a Lipolean combination, amino acids and B Vitamins. Vitamin C Benefits: Now more than ever we should be focusing on strengthening our Immune System to help fight against our current struggles with the common cold, Flu’s and all the various strains and mutations of Corona Viruses. Vitamin D Benefits: We do not naturally produce Vitamin D. We offer a D3 injection to help regulate Calcium and Phosphate to promote healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

Single Shot


4 Shot Package


8 Shot Package


12 Shot Package



Magnesium | Zinc | Biotin (Separate Injections)

Magnesium Injection Benefits: May Boost Performance in Exercise, Lower Blood Pressure, Fight against, Type 2 Diabetes, has Anti-Inflammatory effects, encourages restful sleep. Zinc Injection Benefits: Increases Immune & Metabolism Functions, and accelerates wound healing. Biotin Injection Benefits: Helps renew, strengthen and regenerate new hair, skin, and nails.

Single Shot


4 Shot Package


8 Shot Package


12 Shot Package


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