Have you ever thought about getting the medical marijuana card Florida requires to obtain in order to legally use cannabis? Well, you are certainly not alone! Thousands of our fellow state residents have started to apply for their medical cannabis card since Amendment 2 was passed in January 2017.

Believe it or not, there is no need to worry if you still want to be one of the first Floridians to use an MMJ card; medical marijuana dispensaries have only started to be functionally open to cardholders in the last few months. Let’s show you the full array of steps you need to follow in order to get your Florida medical cannabis card below.

How to get a medical marijuana card in Florida

In order to get your cannabis card in our state, you are going to need to pass all of the Florida medical marijuana requirements. However, these requirements are quickly fulfilled with these following steps:

1) Gather the necessary documents

You will need to obtain a few things before getting underway with the actual medical marijuana evaluation. The first thing you will need is proof that you are actually a resident of Florida; typically, a Florida photo ID card, driver’s license, or passport will work just fine.

After that, you will need to obtain medical records that illustrate your past history with the condition that qualifies you for medical cannabis therapy. The last thing you will need to obtain is a signed physician’s statement from a doctor qualified to evaluate you for MMJ in Florida.

2) Find the RIGHT doctor

Almost all of us already have a primary care physician. However, the doctors that you are currently seeing may not be qualified to prescribe you a medical marijuana card in Florida. The only doctors who can do so legally need to have a Florida medical cannabis license and be registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

3) Set up your medical marijuana consultation

Once you have all of the necessary documentation and have found the right doctor, you need to have a medical cannabis consultation with them. During this appointment, they will review all of your records and interview you in order to determine if you are a viable medical marijuana candidate. Once they determine that you are, your MMJ physician will go ahead and add your name to the Marijuana Use Registry of Florida.

4) Turn in your application

Once your doctor has conducted the consultation and added you to the Marijuana Use Registry, your MMJ application is ready to be submitted to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Either you or your physician can submit the application. While this step is essentially the “easiest” part, it can also take the longest amount of time for the state of Florida to complete.

Unfortunately, some patients report having to wait longer than two months before the Department of Health approved their MMJ application! However, this is not a typical time frame.

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