Weight Loss

Now Seeing Patients for Weight Loss!

Most experts for weight loss believe that you should focus mainly on three lifestyle aspects to achieve positive results:

  • What is your diet plan?
  • What is your mindset?
  • What is your lifestyle?

Our best success stories have shown that patients have lost up to 5-10 pounds each week or up to 15-20 pounds per month when following our suggested plan. By combining steady-paced nutritional modifications and lifestyle changes, you can safely achieve effective and long lasting weight loss results.

The key is to follow our suggested low carb diet–as well as discipline– to stay on course throughout the three phases of our medical weight loss program. The phases are:

  • Acute Weight Loss
  • Transition
  • Long-Term Maintenance

Doctors and medical assistants will assist you in your program. Your program; private consultations, dietary recommendations, supplementation, appetite suppressants, and vitamin injections. Our supportive team will guide you step-by-step along the way.

Phase 1: Acute Weight Loss

The program starts with the initial confidential visit where we chart your initial start weight and measurements and discuss the suggested diet. During the consultation we will assess your weight loss goals and provide steps on how to reach them.

The initial visit includes:

  • Measurement of Weight, BMI, percent muscle and percent Body Fat
  • Measurements of body size, in inches, of most problematic areas
  • Blood Pressure Reading
  • EKG
  • Weight Loss Medication
  • Appetite suppressant supplements
  • Light fat burner supplements
  • Supplemental Vitamin Injection consisting of B-12 (natural energy booster) with MIC (natural fat burners)
  • Diet book

Once the first phase is in effect, you will start losing weight at an increased yet controlled pace. Our team will meet with you after your first week to chart the progress of the acute phase and assist you in transitioning into phase 2.

Phase 2: Transition

At this phase, consultations will consist of step-by-step assistance in monitoring food intake, making recommendations based on the suggested diet (book provided), and minimally increasing energy expenditure. By now, you will learn all the tools and techniques to comfortably lose weight at a slow and steady, healthy rate.

Phase 3: Long Term Maintenance

Our observations indicate that 90% of those who stop committing to the long-term wellness program will eventually regain their old weight. The final maintenance phase is the most important one because losing weight isn’t anywhere near as hard as maintaining it at optimal levels. At this stage, we learn to monitor our carbohydrate intake in a way that we may no longer be losing weight, but we are also not gaining. The goal is to maintain and stabilize the desired weight and help prevent rapid increases and fluctuations that could impact overall health.

Our program is all about You. However, it takes a personal decision to shift into a healthy lifestyle change and sometimes it takes a little help. That is why we at Biofit are at your disposal to help you succeed in staying healthy, happy and satisfied.

Yes, losing weight and taking part in programs which provide you with little to no results can be frustrating and sometimes even disappointing. We at Biofit are aware of the physical, emotional, and mental hardships people endure to achieve some measure of happiness. We understand if you have struggled with diets for years. Rest assured, we are here to help you create a healthier and happier version of yourself, so whenever you need guidance and support for making positive changes in your life, remember – we are just a phone call away. Your goal is closer than you think!

Medical Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Doctors (MD’s) can prescribe FDA approved appetite suppressants. They determine the patients’ eligibility as well as the medication management and supervision of the drug.

Medical weight loss offers the direct supervision of a medical doctor along with medical staff to assist the patient with their weight loss treatment plan and diet.

Click here for our initial consult fee. Physiological diagnostic equipment is used (such as an EKG) to determine the patients’ initial eligibility for the program. Click here for our follow up fee.

The Doctor determines what is best for the patient due to individual differences but many Doctors prefer Phentermine as a popular appetite suppressant due to its minimal side effects.

Medical Doctors (M.D.’s) can prescribe for the use of FDA approved diet suppressants after creating a medical chart and conducting a physical evaluation determining eligibility factors. D.O.’s (Doctors of Osteopathy) cannot.

Methionine, Inositol, and Choline are natural weight loss vitamins combined with B12 in our weekly vitamin shot to help you lose fat in all areas of the body.

Medical weight loss refers to a proactive diet, lifestyle, and exercise management by a physician and medical staff.

Scheduling an appointment

We at Biofit can fulfill your weight loss needs. Simply contact us via phone or email so you can also schedule an appointment for a consultation, in-person patient evaluation, follow-up visits, or re-evaluation.