We are proud to offer Internal Medicine, General Medicine, and Family Practice services in Miami, Florida. We offer both cash and insurance based pricing and currently accept Humana, Care Plus, Molina and Solis. Don’t have insurance? It’s not a problem. We are more than happy to provide cash prices without compromising care. If you need routine bloodwork, would like to schedule for a yearly check-up, would like to do labs, perform your yearly routine pap smear, perform an EKG, and if you also like to receive treatment if necessary, we are here to help. Have a cold? Have something minor like a cold sore? Let us know. Our in house Physician can be scheduled to see you to address your specific concern in a private and comfortable clinical setting.

Medical Services offered with Treatments

Treatments are available in a comfortable and private clinical setting to discuss and evaluate your condition here at Biofit.  Our Doctor will conduct a General Health Evaluation service for our patients. See our list below to discuss what services work best for you to offer the best treatment option for your condition.

  • Physical Exam
  • Physical Exam with Labs
  • Bloodwork
  • Pap Smear
  • Cytological Test for Cancer Detection
  • Papanicolaou
  • X-Ray Orders
  • Ultrasound Orders
  • Mammogram

Mental Health Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to see your Doctor for a yearly routine check-up. A physical examination is conducted to determine the overall status of your health. Blood panels such as a CBC (complete blood count) and CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) can be performed to check to see if your bloodwork is within the normal limits as determined by the Physician. If treatment is necessary, the Physician will suggest a treatment option that would be determined in the best interest of the patient to return back to normal limits. Follow-up visits are available and encouraged to let the Physician keep track of your health so you can be on the road to a healthier and happier you. 

 Call 305-705-4045 to schedule an appointment with us to start your path for a happy and healthy you.

The initial consultation will be the most thorough and will take the most time to assess the patient and to make an appropriate treatment recommendation. The initial consultation is $99.99 which includes Treatment. If the doctor determines if labs are needed then they are an additional $99.99 for a total of $199.99. If you have insurance, we accept Humana, Care Plus, Solis, and Molina.

Since we provide both General and Family Practice, our Physician will be happy to provide the convenience of seeing the Family at our facility. Be sure to schedule in advance to allow for enough time to schedule a comprehensive visit at our location. 

We are proud to accept Humana, Care Plus, Molina, and Solis. No insurance? No problem. See our pricing page here to see if we can best suit your healthcare needs.

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