In most states, if you have had your medical marijuana card for over a year, it is likely time to renew your patient card in order to stay in the boundaries of local laws as well as keep your card up to date. Knowing and understanding how and when to renew your card is critically important, and the whole process around how to renew a medical card does vary from state to state. First, look into local laws and mark on your calendar when it is time to renew.

The question of “where can I renew my medical card” is another state based question, but you can head to a nearby dispensary or visit your medical marijuana physician who issued you the card when you first obtained it. Thankfully, to renew a medical marijuana card is fairly a simple process and doesn’t require a lot of time, money, nor resources.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how to renew medical marijuana cards, let’s first talk about how and why individuals get their cards in the first place, and how to renew a medical card once it is in your possession.

What is an MMJ card?

A medical marijuana card is a validation and access to dispensaries, products, and treatments through dispensaries across the country. For most states, an MMJ card is necessary for access inside these storefronts as well as to purchase marijuana products. Cards must be renewed annually (in most states) and required by law to be on your person at all times.

Your medical marijuana card for patient access will have an expiration date stamped or printed on it. One of the only restrictions in the renewal process lies in the inability to renew your card 90 days before the card expires. You must mark your calendar before the card expires, rendering it and your ability to buy from most dispensaries void. After the 90-day mark, you should be able to renew.

Give yourself 30 days in order to get the card renewal submitted in order to achieve a no-interruption process and avoid some of the restrictions. There can be slower than usual application acceptance or re-acceptance times based on the time of year and the state you live in.

How to renew your medical marijuana card

It is actually quite easy to renew a medical marijuana card. The straightforward process first starts with a submission of information that mirrors the information you brought in when you first applied for a medical marijuana card. Below are some of the items you will need, although it is important to remember that different states have different laws.

Here is what you will likely need:

  • Certification from your primary care physician
  • A photograph that is current
  • Updated patient attestation document or form
  • SNAP eligibility documents (if applicable)
  • A legal form of identification (drivers license or passport) if you have had a name change

After you submit your information, you will need to complete an assessment in order to confirm you are still eligible with a condition that will validate your need for a medical marijuana card. There are many medical marijuana centers that can complete this simple, easy process in order for you to renew your medical marijuana card.

For the best and most accurate information, give your local dispensary a call. If you are interested in finding out more about cannabis or to find out more information regarding medical marijuana, check out more of our blogs about medicating with marijuana.